Nvidia Quadro 2000 Driver Windows 7 64 Bit

Nvidia Quadro 2000 Driver Windows 7 64 Bit – For those waiting for mid-range Maxwell Quadro to arrive: your wait is over. To help round out its Maxwell-based lineup, NVIDIA’s Quadro team released the ~$500 M2000. This card is aimed mostly at CAD users and those with lighter 3D design needs and promises to be more efficient and overall faster than its predecessor. We put the card through a thorough test to see how true it is.

Since the release of NVIDIA’s first Maxwell-based Quadro last spring, the M6000, many people have been patiently waiting for the mid-range variant. Well, it came.

Nvidia Quadro 2000 Driver Windows 7 64 Bit

Nvidia Quadro 2000 Driver Windows 7 64 Bit

As covered in our news post from a few weeks ago, NVIDIA’s Quadro M2000 is exclusive, the last Maxwell-based Quadro to be released. Going forward, we have Pascal to look forward to. As cards featuring that architecture are just starting to appear, I don’t expect Pascal-based Quadros to be released for a long time – especially where M2000-equivalent.

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NVIDIA considers the M2000 a replacement for the K2200 – released in summer 2014 – but its performance actually puts it closer to the high-end K5000. The M2000 retails for under $500 and the K5000 launched in 2012 for $2,249, highlighting just how powerful today’s mid-range Quadro offerings are.

Compared to the outgoing K2200, the M2000 has 20% more cores, offers up to 1.8 TFLOPs of processing power (versus 1.3 TF), and improves memory throughput by nearly 30%.

The M2000’s target customers are those working with CAD or light 3D projects. NVIDIA says this latest card has what it takes to deliver great experiences in SolidWorks, Siemens NX and PTC Creo. Like other Maxwell-based Quadros, the M2000 fully supports NVIDIA’s Iray renderer, which is available as a plugin for many design suites. I took an in-depth look at Iray and its plugins back in December.

To help modernize the M2000 a bit, NVIDIA opted to offer 4x DisplayPort connections instead of a combination of DP and DVI. Those who need DVI can find a suitable adapter in the box (important to check before buying).

Pci 9111 Series

The M2000 may have modest aesthetics, but it still has what it takes to drive high-resolution displays, including up to 4x 4K/60Hz or a single 5K/60Hz. Even if you go below 4K, the card’s display limit remains at 4 (perhaps no big surprise given the four outputs).

As explained above, NVIDIA has slapped a $500 SRP on its Quadro M2000, but as always, the street price is expected to be lower. While the card isn’t available for purchase at the time of writing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the card hit $400 shortly after launch. AMD’s main competition in this area is the FirePro W4300, which arrived last winter. That card is designed for low-profile PCs and currently sells for $300.

It should be noted that the M2000 does not require the use of a PCIe power connector, thanks to its modest TDP of 75W. Being a mid-range card, you shouldn’t expect the card to exceed 60°C very often, although it is designed to handle higher temperatures if installed in a more size-constrained chassis.

Nvidia Quadro 2000 Driver Windows 7 64 Bit

Other notable features the M2000 brings include support for NVIDIA’s Mosaic and nView technologies, as well as the company’s NVENC video encoder and HEVC decoder – the latter of which can handle video at 8K resolution.

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In the following pages, we’ll put NVIDIA’s latest Quadro through real-world and synthetic tests using Autodesk, Adobe, SPEC, SiSoftware, and a few other apps (including light gaming tests for good measure).

All tests are run at least twice to give an accurate result, and if for some reason an odd result is obtained, we do a third run. In the case of this particular review, there’s no need to run any tests that way, as most benchmarks are very good at producing similar results with each iteration run.

Our Windows 7 Ultimate x64 test OS had some key Windows services disabled (Search, Defender, Firewall and Update), as well as Aero. During all tests, the display is kept at 4K resolution, with two exceptions: SPECapc Maya 2012 and SPECviewperf run at 1080p resolution. Furthermore, Vsync and G-SYNC can be disabled through the NVIDIA Control Panel.

With all that covered, it’s time to dive into the test results. Unfortunately, I forgot to add our Quadro M5000 test results to this review, even though that card is in a very different league from the M2000. I’ve included results for AMD’s recently-released FirePro W4300 because it’s the closest competitor to the M2000 we have.

Lenovo 00fc962 Nvidia Quadro P600 2gb Gddr5 Pci E 3.0 X16 Workstation Video Card

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